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Compulsory car insurance in America

Compulsory car insurance in America is a type of car insurance in Egypt. Compulsory car insurance covers road accidents and other damages that can happen to citizens or their property. It is a type of car insurance intended for public utilities and not for the car owner.

Compulsory car insurance in America

This compulsory car insurance must be obtained as a basic document among the papers required for any car in order to be able to travel and drive on public roads.

Compulsory car insurance must be paid when obtaining a car license, and the owner has no right to refuse or accept this type of car insurance, as indicated by the name. It is a type of mandatory car insurance policy.

The prices for this type of car insurance in Egypt vary depending on the type, engine capacity, type of car, and other factors that can vary slightly from one period to another.

Private car insurance documents

Private car insurance policies are a type of supplementary car insurance, where an insurance policy can be issued for cars used for personal, home, social, outings, and others. Car insurance companies do not include racing cars.

Commercial auto insurance documents

Commercial car insurance policies are a type of car insurance policy in Egypt that is extracted for cars that have commercial purposes such as taxis, buses, rented cars, and some types of private cars that have commercial purposes such as agricultural tractors, ambulances, and fire trucks and others.

Insurance documents for commercial licenses

What is meant by insurance policies on commercial licenses is that type of insurance for cars that have been newly imported or are still in the car show, that is, they are still in the possession of those who manufacture or trade in cars or the maintenance centers that repair them; This is provided that the vehicle has not previously had its plates removed from traffic.

Car insurance companies in America

In the following lines, we will show you the car insurance companies in America:

America car insurance company

Amica insurance is one of the top auto insurance companies in 49 states Amica ranks #1 in customer satisfaction in New England according to the latest 2020 report from JD Power, and ranks #3 in customer satisfaction with their vehicle requirements .

Amica allows its customers to earn Benefit Points for good driving and these points are used to save customers’ car insurance money in the event of an accident, Amica offers free windshield and airbag repair and also offers free lock replacement.

NJM Car Insurance Company

NJM is an acronym for New Jersey Manufacturers but this company is not limited to New Jersey alone, they provide auto insurance in other states as well such as Connecticut and Pennsylvania.

According to the latest studies based on customer satisfaction in the auto insurance service, NJM ranked first in terms of customer satisfaction with the requirements of their cars, and ranked third as the best car insurance company in the Mid-Atlantic region in terms of overall customer satisfaction with the company’s services.

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